• This program has a duration period of 4 weeks
  • This is a program where in we give you a standard workout plan. It is specifically designed for weight loss.
  • A workout and nutrition plan is sent to you after thorough analysis of your body by one of our team Coaches.
  • Coaches Check-in the progress once a week to make sure you are following the plan as designed or if there is any query .

Rs 8000/-

Discount 25%

New price – Rs 6000/-



Styling sessions to dress your best!


We know how your look plays a crucial role when it comes to your confidence. We guide you with styling tips and help you find your personal style sense through out the transformation journey. No matter the size, you always dress to impress where ever you go.


Additional information

Fitness Level We cater to all fitness levels. It is, however, highly advised that complete beginners follows the coach closely to learn proper execution of exercises.
Goals Our training and sample meal plans are tailored to your individual goals. Typically, these will include fat loss, muscle building or body recomposition (i.e. both fat loss AND muscle building).
Gender Both. The training and sample meal plans are individualized, so your gender is taken into account.
Home or Gym Our training plans are designed so that they can be performed with the equipment you have available or without them. We design both at-home and at-the-gym workouts.
Health Issues We are NOT doctors and our training and nutrition coaching is NOT designed to cure diseases or treat health conditions. If you suffer from any health conditions or if you can think of any reason why you should not do physical activity, please talk to a qualified medical professional before starting an exercise regimen or before making and dietary changes. You can always email us at info@classicurve.com for any questions before making a purchase.